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Staff and Boards of the Alternative Medicine Foundation, 1998 to 2010:

President - Jacqueline C. Wootton, M.Ed.


Clinical Adviser J. Ladd Bauer, M.D.
Honorary Research Pharmacologist (HerbMed) J. Mohanasundaram, MD, PhD
Information Specialist Maura K. Parrott, MA
Contributing Author Kim D. Furtado, ND
Clinical Herbalist Robin Dunn, MS
Network support Doug Dossett

Research Assistants - individual specialist contractors


The Alternative Medicine Foundation was guided by a small Board of Trustees, and by specialist advisory boards for specific project areas:

Board of Trustees

Jacqueline C. Wootton, M.Ed.  Chair
Jur Strobos, M.D., J.D. Secretary
John C. Pan, M.D. Treasurer
Herbert Schwabl, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board Herbal Advisory Board
Gerard Bodeker, EdD Mark Blumenthal
Carlo Calabrese, ND Anthony Carter, MNIMH
Kim Jobst, DM, MRCP, MFHom. Ed Croom, PhD
Sheila Moriber Katz, MD, MBA Kevin Ergil, MS, LAc
Woodson Merrell, MD Trish Flaster, Ph.D.
Andrew Parfitt, PhD Stephen Foster
Stanley Pillemer, MD Tieraona Low Dog, MD
Robert Rountree, MD Rob McCaleb
Andrew Sparber, RN, MS Mickey Weinstein, PD

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